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At Air Duct Cleaning Orlando, we provide services in the Central Florida area. Such services are air duct cleaning & dryer vent cleaning service in Orlando, Florida. We offer the best air duct cleaning customer service in town. Our specialty is air duct cleaning for residential and commercial properties.

Duct Cleaning - Licensed

First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Alex Del Rivero. I am a licensed AC Contractor for the state of Florida. By State law, duct cleaning can only be done by licensed and insured contractors. 

Air Ducts Cleaned - Method

At Air Duct Cleaning Orlando, we start the duct cleaning process by removing the front panels from the air handler. This all belongs to the HVAC system in the home. The blower motor is then removed to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated to extend the life of the motor. We then completely wash down the interior of the cabinet removing all dirt and mold. We brush off the coils by hand then clean them with non-corrosive metal cleaner. In the final step, we disinfect the whole HVAC cabinet and coils and dry it off with compressed air tools.


In the next step, we connect a 5000 CFM Negative air machine (Vacuum) to the air handler and proceed to seal all the vents in the house. This creates great negative pressure and helps all the dirt and mold to get sucked back through the air ducts to the Vacuum. 

Vent Cleaning

Starting at the furthest part of the house we start to remove the vents and clean off all dirt and mold by hand. We push compressed air-lines through all the air ducts pushing the debris back to the HVAC machine. The vents and opening get disinfected put back together and the process moves on to the next vent until all the vents are finished. The ductwork is now able to distribute airflow to your HVAC system.


The blower motor gets reinstalled then the unit is fogged with a long-term EPA registered virucide.  The system is checked thoroughly, and the air handler gets sealed airtight. This whole process leaves the air ducts cleaned, and usually takes 4-5 hours. It seems tedious but, in my experience, it’s as close as you can get to a completely new system. Go ahead and schedule an air duct cleaning with us today. Request a free quote to get started.  Read our faq section for anything related to the services we offer.

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Air Duct Cleaning

For households, air duct cleaning is an important cleaning service. Air duct cleaning entails cleaning the whole duct system, including the supply, intake, and return vents, with expert air duct cleaning equipment.

HVAC Cleaning

HVAC cleaning is the thorough cleaning of the components of a home’s heating and air conditioning system. Air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing are all examples of this.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleanings, also known as dryer exhaust sweeps, dryer duct cleanings, or dryer vent sweep service, remove lint accumulation in your vent, bypassing the lint trap of your dryer unit.

COVID-19 Air Duct Cleaning

COVID-19 Air Duct Cleaning Services will help with years of expertise and understanding have resulted in our tried-and-true processes for safe professional disinfection services. Our methods are more successful than basic cleaning processes since we provide both disinfection and removal of biohazardous contaminants, and they set us apart with industry-leading standards.

Air Duct Repair

However, if your air ducts are severely damaged or worn, or if they were poorly sized, to begin with, duct repairt is required. Allow us to determine the extent of any issues with your ductwork, and to handle the repair or replacement of that ductwork with the skill and expertise that define our services. 

Will An Air Duct Cleaning Help You Breathe More Easily?

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts?

Air Duct

If your home is more than 5 years old?  Does your house always seem like it’s dusty, no matter how often you clean it? Do your allergies act up when you turn on your air conditioner?  Are suffering more than usual? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this should encourage you to schedule an air duct cleaning. An air duct cleaning service creates a cleaner living environment.

Air Duct Contamination?

Mold, germs, pollen, dust mites, chemical residue, and other home contaminants can pollute air ducts. Air duct contamination can be caused by a faulty HVAC system, inadequate air filters, poorly installed ductwork, and moisture buildup.

Many allergens and other toxic compounds are easily trapped inside our walls. This causes high levels of concentration of harmful particles in your home. 

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Our Service

With our residential and commercial duct services, you can keep your air ducts clean. A good HVAC system includes clean ducts.  Don’t forget to add in a dryer vent cleaning too. A dryer vent has a high risk of catching on fire if left neglected.

Contact our Orlando office to request an HVAC and air duct cleaning, as well as other services. REQUEST SERVICE. Your home’s daily health begins with its air ducts. 

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